Machine and apparatus engineering

You would like to know if we are able to realise individual parts of your new product by thermoforming? Please just get in touch with your personal sales contact.

vending machine with thermoformed parts
Vending machine

• Entire cover made of four separate thermoformed parts
• Connected using a special clipping technique

Bookbinding machine with thermoformed housing
Bookbinding machine

• Thermoformed upper and lower shell, injection moulded tape guide and a membrane keyboard
• Delivery of a completely mounted machine (including silk screen)

Plastic housing in a train station
Solid plastic housing for RFID readers

 • Negatively thermoformed part (OFF technology) as a cover for RFID readers in the railway industry
• Break and weather resistant Polycarbonate for outdoor applications
• Optimum perception of outdoor applications due to being printed and varnished in signal colours

Base station for wireless telephones

Base station for wireless telephones

• Housing made of 6mm Styrene butadiene coloured in RAL 7035
• With a sharp-edge moulded display frame
• Used for taking orders in fast food restaurants: new wireless system for easier and more efficient working
• Subassembly at BWF Thermoforms

Cover for the storage battery of mobile carriers

Cover for the storage battery of mobile carriers

• Negatively thermoformed protective cover for network-independent electric power supply of the carrier
• High-quality surface with structure

Thermoformed drain for dispensing head

Drain for dispensing head

• Three different versions of the tub according to the corresponding strainer
• Plastic tinted in silver, which has been adjusted to the colour of the machine