Medical technology

You would like to know if we are able to realise individual parts of your new product by thermoforming? Please just get in touch with your personal sales contact.

Wheel unit with thermoformed parts
Wheel unit for surgical microscopes
  • Wheel unit with an extreme range of 1,5m
  • Combination of 12 negatively thermoformed parts (OFF technology) made of Styrene butadiene which has a customised colour and meets flame retardant requirements (UL 94 V0)
  • Design joint due to overall under cut
  • Connected with mounting bosses
Perimeter with thermoformed parts
Perimeter for measuring the field of view
  • 5 negatively thermoformed parts (OFF technology) with an especially fine structure for high-quality surfaces without mirror effect
  • In customer colours and with silk screen
Thermoformed lighting cover
Lighting cover for eye surgeries
  • Application for use in corneal surgeries
  • Cover made of special Satiné Blend material
  • With a welded mounting plate
Plastic Housing Colon Hydromat
High-quality plastic housing for "Colon Hydromat"
  • Negatively thermoformed part (OFF technology) for a hydro-colon therapy system made of Styrene butadiene
  • With coating, silk screen and EMC surface
  • Application of a clear plate, printed on the back, for best possible abrasion protection
cover for endoscopic systems
Front cover for endoscopic systems
  • Individual front cover with membrane keyboards and structured coating on the outside
  • Anti-electromagnetic coating (copper) on the inside
Housing for ergometers
Housing for ergometers
  • Display and side cover for ergometers made of eight thermoformed parts 
  • Display with sharp-edged moulded recess for membrane keyboards
Front cover for anaesthetic systems
Front cover for anaesthetic systems
  • Visible part for technical purposes with a high degree of elongation
  • In customer colours
Dialyse Gerät
Housing for haemodialysis systems
  • Housing for monitors with various thermoformed shelves and a front cover